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Toothsmiths CraftsmanshipToothsmiths engineers some of the trade’s finest, most beautiful and anatomically precise patient specific implants, prosthetics, crowns, and full mouth restorations available to the profession.

James R. Ament is the founder of Toothsmiths, Inc., which he launched in 1988. As the firm's Master Dental Technician, Jim specializes in complex multiple procedures that require a creative, one-of-a-kind solution. His focus on excellence is supported with advanced training, expert skills, select FDA-approved materials, pioneering technology and equipment, and strict quality control. Read more....

James R. Ament, founder of Toothsmiths, Inc., opened his dental laboratory in Lititz, Pennsylvania, in 1988. Ten years later, Jim received certification as Master Dental Technologist from New York University's College of Dentistry.

Now a member of the American Society of Master Dental Technologists, Jim regularly enriches his knowledge and skill base with clinical and post-graduate dental coursework through the Pankey Institute, the Dawson Academy, and other recognized programs.

Learning is an active pursuit for Jim. While study clubs provide opportunities to both share with and learn from his peers and colleagues, Jim also invests in the development of his staff. Toothsmiths' technicians have access to an on-site, fully equipped training lab. Web seminars and training videos guide hands-on instruction, allowing technicians to advance as they refine skills and learn new ones.

At the Toothsmiths lab, Our team of professionals make sure expert artistry and functionality drive the process. In addition, strict adherence to DAMAS protocol ensures that our laboratory procedures conform to the highest industry standards.

Toothsmiths handcrafts its dental products here in the U.S., utilizing complex multiple procedures and FDA approved materials. The result is a creative, one-of-a-kind solution, supplying patients and their dentists and dental specialists some of the trade’s most beautiful and anatomically precise patient specific implants, prosthetics, crowns, and full mouth restorations available.

James R. Ament and Toothsmiths, Inc.
Professional Accreditations and Affiliations

Member, National Association of Dental Laboratories
Past Member, American College of Prosthodontists (Dental Tech)
Past Member, Seattle Study Club
Past Board, Dentists for Comprehensive Care
Past Board, Lancaster County Career and Technology Center
Alumnus, Pankey Institute
Alumnus, Dawson Academy
Alumnus, American Society of Master Dental Technologists
Certifications and specialties:
     DAMAS Certified
     Nobel Biocare Guided Surgery and Implants
     Strauman Guided Surgery and Implants
     Biomet 3I Implants
     Bio Horizon Implants

A Toothsmiths solution demonstrates excellence in applied knowledge, design and function, esthetics, production, and communication, ensuring the satisfaction of both patient and dental practitioner.

Dentists, dental specialists, and oral surgeons rely on Toothsmiths, an established U.S. business, to provide superior quality, excellent service, and fair prices.

The key to success in any type of reconstructive prosthetic design must be based on, and begin with, strong and efficient communication with a dental laboratory. Jim Ament, M.D.T., and his team at Toothsmiths provide accessibility to each artisan in every department, working to "simplify the complex" regardless of the reconstructive challenge.

When it comes to problem-solving and the proverbial "catching the curveball", Toothsmiths exceeds expectations in their passion to research and resolve all issues, to the benefit of both the patient and the practice they serve. I am proud, on a daily basis, to work with this fine group of professionals.

Kenneth D. Loeffler II, DMD, MAGD
Loeffler-Pitt Dental Associates P.C., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We have dealt exclusively with Toothsmiths for nearly six years. During that time, our entire staff found it very easy to communicate with every member of the Toothsmiths team. Special requests were never a problem as they were always willing to accommodate our patient's needs. Their concern for the well being of our practice and our patient's is undeniably genuine. Toothsmiths is clearly a leader in not only equipping themselves with the most advanced technology, but also clearly demonstrating their ability to apply it. From implant restoration to full mouth reconstruction, Jim Ament and his expert staff have proven invaluable in helping me design and finish these cases with utmost function and aesthetics.

Rick Leibold, DDS
Quarryville Family Dentistry
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